Learn how to hack Yahoo/MSN/AOL/Google

This is not actually hacking but recovering passwords .You can recover password oF Yahoo, Msn, Hotmal, Live, Google, Gmail, Aol, Aim, ICQ and a lot more Think a bit if you main motive is to get password anyway.

Now there are a bit of requirements

First you victim must have used a IM(instant messenger) at least once with this id. Say for yahoo he must use yahoo messenger.Online versions dont count.So this means you cannot hack accounts  of say facebook or myspace which dont have their IM

Second you must have access to his comp where he has used the IM.

Third he must not have formatted his system recently or he must have used the IM after format.

These requirements are tough, i know.You will hit a jackpot if you are on shared comp as it's not frequently formatted and many use IM.You can even  ask him to use the IM on your comp.Once you fullfill these job's almost done.

Now you can use these password recovery software to get hold of your victims password  These softwares have high success rate but not 100%. I am giving all trial download links .If you want the full version visit your fav torrent or rapidshare or megaupload.The will not crack any passwords greater than 4 chars which mean syou cant hack most accounts as they require atleast 6 chars.

You will have to temporarily stop the Antivirus as  your antivirus will detect it as spyware. But they are Spyware free !00% safe

Please you them sensibly . Use this only to get lost passwords of your account. If you hack some one's account we wont take responsibility.

Remove restrictions from pdf files

Pdf is one of the most common text formats online. From Ebooks to codes all the available. Reason it's easy to prevent privacy since once you password protect it no one can copy it. Adobe Acrobat even has settings to prevent underside copying of the file i.e save as text is disabled. But you can use these software's to crack open those files .You can remove all restrictions.

Just use any of these fully legal software to do it.None of these are free so if you want full version just do torrent(p2p) download. Let me warn you that cracking open these files is considered illegal so don't do them unless you have by mistakenly locked your own file.

If you just wanted the password of your pdf file try Password Recovery Software


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