Virus coding in java

Virus code can be coded using several language. The best being c or vbs. Java is one of the least preferred languages for virus coding. If you know c language you will realize that there is only a few difference in coding between them .so all the c virus can be modified into lava.
I am assuming you know at least lava basics. See this c code
int vir;

So you see this is actually a c virus that eats your system resource i.e memory but can be used as a lava virus too.This is a very simple virus that causes no havoc. Just check out the virus codes in c section for more example codes. Please remember to change these virus codes in c to lava. these changes can even be done by a beginner who know programming and not necessary c/c++

  • Clone virus -- c/c++
  • Doom virus -- c/c++
  • Black Wolf virus -- c/c++
  • Disable input device -- c/c++

    joker said...

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    Unidad said...

    look this real java .jar infector

    joween18 said...

    go to this site...

    Hafiz Naveed Iqbal said...

    You can not call it a virus

    sagnik.ghosh5 said...

    joker i am a 16 yr old.....and i really think you are joking...."java is for gay".you have really something loose in you head...plzz tighten, may be a bit tough,and lengthy ...but the most reliable and secured......and mark my words one day most of the world will work on java......

    Kim Brian said...

    Hey sagnik!
    Nice to meet you, I'm Brian..

    You know, almost everything is running on Java... The Internet, games, e-mail, graphic, etc.

    In the future, programmers need to learn Java...

    Shlok Parida said...

    i swear these c/c++ people think that just cause java was made on c++ they can insult java programmers left right and centre. bitches java is the future and will remain the worlds most secure and trustworthy language. unlike the bullshit blue screen of gay grandpa c/c++ we have actual Awesome IDE's and even the bullshit phones these hetrophobics use runs java so stuff that black c++ book up ur ageing useless and loose as c++'s curly brackets vagina and go take a hike.

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